Spring Sunshine


It’s SPRING! Hooray!!!

It seems we ALL need it more this year than I’ve ever noticed in the past. We’ve been more jealous of those who are escaping to somewhere warm! And grumbly as the cold, dark days drone on…

Yesterday though, the first day of spring, I shut off the furnace, opened the windows and the front door, and tried to let in as much sunshine as possible! It’s the light - we all want and need the light! It gives us energy, brightens our mood, and gets us moving. Brings us out of our cozy winter hibernation slumber, and gets us thinking about what we want to get busy doing.

Our house can give us that same energy! The lights and the colors help give us our mood. So it’s important to be intentional about it. At night, after supper, we often still want or need to be getting things done. We need to keep the energy going. We notice though how that light isn’t bright enough everywhere. In the past, we’d put a light in the center of the room and call it good. But now it’s different. In the lighting world, we think about the amount of brightness, or lumens, and the color temperature of the light, which is what you think of as the soft white bulbs or the daylight bulbs. This is the combination that determines the energy that you’ll get from your lighting.

Getting that right amount feels like a challenge in a current home. Where to start? …No lie, it’s a project. It’s adding recessed lights and picking the right bulbs for the space. Have you looked at Lowe’s wall of bulbs lately? It’s overwhelming even for me, and I get it! I can tell you though, tackling this project is worth its weight in gold!!!

I have a current client who told me off the bat that she wants a lot of light in her new home. The one she lives in just doesn’t have enough light and she’s always wanting it brighter. At the Home Show, a vast majority of the people that we talked to mentioned how they wanted more light. They have a fluorescent light in the kitchen that has to go! Those fluorescents need to go!

That’s why I’m here. I want to help you get that light that you’re wanting. I will walk through the project with you and be intentional about covering all of your home with good light. Light that will give you the energy and help you get your tasks done. Then, to be ready to dim it down and relax to catch up on those shows or your book… .

Enjoy your spring! Pull up the shades and open the windows. Feel the spring air and tackle some projects!!!

Shop our store, find some beautiful fixtures that you’d love to have, make a wishlist. We can have some fun finding you that perfect look!



Sioux Empire Home Show Winner!


We are excited to announce that Kayla Schnider won with $200 gift certificate from the Sioux Empire Home Show this past weekend!

Thank you to all who came out - even on Sunday in that cold, windy weather! It was so great to hear all about the projects going on this year - from building homes to updating the lighting. Everyone loves to make their house into their home, and give it their own touch.

We love helping to find exactly what you are looking for and solve those awful lighting problems. Stay in touch! I can come out and see your space and help you get what you need. We carry all the same brands, with competitive pricing - and give you that extra help you’re looking for.

Schedule a time to meet, shop the online store and start a wishlist! We’ll make this easy for you! ~ Jessica



I was reading the The Traditional Home magazine tonight and came upon this thought from a Q&A with designers. 
Q: To that point, clients come to you for changes like that, yet they seem reticent to actually change. Why do you think change is so scary?
I loved this reply from one of the designers.
A: I think part of it is also believing in what you love already, right? The things you truly love, you're always going to love. You're going to look back on things from an old project and say, "I still love those things." So you can't let them instill doubt in you because they do that. They say, "Well, are you sure this is going to work?" or "You really like that?" and it makes you doubt yourself. You should never doubt the things you love.

I think that is the perfect start here. In this venture, my job isn't to put the things in your home that I love, but to help you find the things you love. They never have to be expensive, but you can love it when you see it. 
I know you know what you love.... It's my job to help pull that out and give you a home you're excited to be in, that feels truly your own. 
Not every chandelier has to be a big production. It can be just one and everything else is simple and understated, which would be beautiful.

For me, right now, it's this new chandelier for my new office. It represents this change in life. I found it a long time ago and still loved it. So I finally shopped around and found it for a better price than from the place where I originally found it. Deal!

The key is that I love it, and it makes the change worth it. ;)