I love life and all it’s variety and diversity. I grew up on a farm in Madison, South Dakota, with a picturesque view of Lake Herman. There were cows, corn, barns and a big beautiful pasture to run. As most farm kids in small rural communities, your roots go way back, and I love that heritage. As an adult, I’ve lived in Boston, Minneapolis, and home is now Hartford, South Dakota, just outside Sioux Falls and down the road from Madison.

I have this awesome and proud Colorado native husband (notice our family photo colors), and we have three beautiful, wonderful kids.

I’m in the third generation of electricians in my family- the family business was started about 60 years ago.  I love it but don’t want to be the electrician.  I want my home beautiful and functional - switches and fixtures in the right places! LOL! But I’m not kidding.  I was the office manager for my dad’s mid-sized residential and commercial electrical business. My dad and my brother would talk about how hard it is working with customers building homes - customers have a hard time making decisions, covering all of the bases, and getting the fixtures delivered on-time for installation. I saw it too and found a way to help. I am here to make sure that you’ve got everything you need.

This is my happy place - the perfect combination of helping people create homes and spaces they love, in a way that I know and understand. I look forward to working with you!