The middle one likes to be cozy.

The middle one likes to be cozy.

I love that wind-down time at night with my kids, reading books, talking, cuddling and making my kids Snug as a Bug in a Rug.  Every night, like clockwork, we’d “get cozy” and crawl in bed to go through the process. 

My poor sisters agreed to watch the kids for me.  My two year old daughter was ready for bed, crawled in and said something to them in her toddler voice.  They had no idea what it was.  They said she kept repeating it and they kept searching the house for the obvious blankets or stuffed animals.  She only got more upset, and made my sisters more frantic to find whatever this thing was. 

After getting nowhere, and hearing my daughter say it yet again, they finally figured it out.

COZY.  She wanted to be cozy. The story stuck, and so did the feeling. 

No matter what style or budget.  Home is a place we want to be.  I would love to help you make your home Cozy.