Cozy Home & Lighting may be the solution to a problem you don’t know you’ll have.

When I wanted to update my 2001 ranch home, I went to the big box stores, some local retailers, and searched online! The lighting was bad throughout the house so I wanted to make sure that I would get what we needed when we replaced them. The coordination of all of the fixtures snowballed into this huge project. It got overwhelming and immensely daunting when combined with my full-time job and busy daily life. I didn’t feel the salespeople in the store were there to do more than answer questions and after I sent an email with ideas per their request, I never got a reply. I started a wishlist and never got a follow-up for help. I got busy and let the project go as a result.

Then it dawned on me; I could solve the problem. With my experience working for my family’s electrical and HVAC business and marketing background, I made the process so easy. I am here first to help you find what you need, and second, to manage your project. I create lighting plans for new construction and remodels. If it’s a project, I make sure that we cover all of the bases and that everything is ready for installation for the electricians.

Look through our pages. We carry all major brands and low, competitive pricing with the retail store being online instead of a brick and mortar one.  Beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive.  I’ll hang my fixture on that.

Life is busy, let Cozy take the load - a decision you will be so happy you made!